My name is Manon. I teach Dutch to expatriates of all ages and levels.

After growing up in the rural south of The Netherlands, I went studying, living and working abroad. I studied international business administration at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam and the 'Università Commerciale L. Bocconi' of Milan in Italy.
After these school years, I worked as a business analyst, project manager and campaign coördinator for several companies, such as Ericsson, GfK, Animal shelter Eindhoven,
Whirlpool Europe and Persgroep Nederland. Currently I'm living in Rotterdam.

During my education and carreer I couldn't get rid of the idea, that language courses could be so much better: more personal and without being tied to a place, time or level.
That's why I developed Dutch lessons and started my company for Dutch private or in-company lessons.
I'm a T.E.F.L.-certified language teacher, my English and Italian are fluent. Dutch is my mother tongue and I'm N.T.2-certified. I can also speak German, basic French and tiny bits of Portuguese. And in the meanwhile...tiny bits of Arabic.
Since 2012 I'm a teacher of groups at Tornante Trainingen, Taalschool Hamrah, Startcollege, Delken & Boot, SNTR and Dahlia Burgerschap. 
Currently I teach people from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Eritrea, and many other nationalities, with levels illiterate to advanced B2/C1.
Feel free to contact me, if you need more information:
                           Manon (left) and student Orisa (right)