Webcam lessons
 1 lesson
 50 eur
 5 lessons
 240 eur
 10 lessons
 480 eur
 Lesson on location
 1 hour private on location
 80 eur
 1 hour group on location
 140 eur
 Customised lessons
 negotiable prices
Pricing example

The Beginner course contains 20 lessons. (Inburgering level)
The Intermediate and Advanced course contains 40 lessons.(NT2 state exam I and II)
I recommend to take approx. 4 hours study & homework for each lesson before you do 1 hour webcam.
Lessons are private and you can e-mail homework exercises and questions every day.
When dedicated 5 hours a week, you're a beginner after 3 months, intermediate after 6-9 months, advanced after 12 months.
When dedicating more time, not only your level goes up faster, but also your complete course becomes cheaper.

Terms and Conditions
  • All the student needs is Internet connection.
  • Price includes online access to the course, all lesson materials, personal homework correction, possibility to e-mail questions
  • When the payment is received, the student receives the password for the lesson by e-mail.
  • When all homework exercises of one lesson are finished, the student receives the password for the next lesson.
  • Homework gets corrected within 3 days.
  • Homework can be mailed during a lesson, the student does not have to finish the lesson first.
  • The student can decide how much exercises he e-mails at once. If a lesson is cancelled less than 24 hours before start, it counts as 1 lesson.

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