Welkom in Nederland!
In these courses you w
ill be guided quickly through reading, understanding, writing and talking Dutch.
The only way to learn a language is by doing. Never be ashamed. Just write, just talk. Make mistakes.
With my homework excercises and live webcam lessons you'll get familiar with Dutch.
After enrollment, you'll receive your personal log-in and password to enter your lessons.

Lesson Modules Beginner
Les 1+2     Kennismaken (Meet other persons)
Les 3+4     Praten over jezelf (Talk about yourself)
Les 5+6     Familie en vrienden (Family and friends)
Les 7+8     Eten en drinken (Food and drinks)
Les 9+10  
Wonen (Your house and living)
Les 11+12  Vrije tijd (Leisure time)
Les 13+14  Werk (Occupation, professional life)
Les 15+16  Gezondheid (Health and body)
Les 17+18  Kleding en uiterlijk (Clothing and looks)
Les 19+20  Reizen (Traveling)
Lesson Modules Intermediate - Advanced
les 1+2      Natuur
les 3+4      Architectuur
les 5+6      Muziek
les 7+8      Politiek
les 9+10    Technologie
les 11+12   Eten en drinken
les 13+14   Het journaal
les 15+16   Aardrijkskunde
les 17+18   Economie
les 19+20   Medisch
les 21+22   Literatuur
les 23+24   Kunst
les 25+26   Cultuur
les 27+28   Psychologie
les 29+30   Geschiedenis
les 31+32   Media en entertainment
les 33+34   Religie en filosofie
les 35+36   Wetenschap
les 37+38   Een dagje uit
les 39+40   (Individual contents)
How a lesson is built up:

In each lesson I talk to you by audio- and video movies. Just scroll from top till bottom.
You can repeat and try these as many times as you want.
You will talk by repeating Dutch phrases in my texts and movies.
Each lesson I will provide you clear explanation and easy learning-exercises.
I will send you grammar-flashcards as quick reference during your homework.
You can send your homework to me, and you will get it back within 3 days.
If you have any questions, you can email them.

You can choose your own number of live lessons through webcam. We'll plan them together.
What's my level?